TCHAU - Trabalhar, Cooperação, Humanidade, Amor, União

On September 19, during the launch event of "Project tchau - Trabalhar, Cooperação, Humanidade, Amor, União", was signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the creation of the Multi-Purpose Center, between the Molise region, the Parish Centre of St. Francis of Assisi, the Municipality of Salvador, the Foundation Dom Avelar Brandão Vilela and Instituicao Cristã De Amparo Ao Jovem - ICAJ. 


This protocol establish, among other things, that:

The Region of Molise, as the proposer of the Project tchau, will proceed to carry out the following activities:

give support in the preparation of all the procedures for the purchase of educational materials and equipment provided by the project;

planning and monitoring execution of all tasks;

help in defining the criteria for selecting beneficiaries;

support the organization of cultural festivals, involving its facilities;

joint partnership to collect more resources with the aim of expanding the activities of the Project tchau;

develop the narrative and financial reports to be delivered to the European Union.

Fundação Dom Avelar Brandão Vilela, project partners, will proceed to carry out the following activities:

identify suppliers, purchase the equipment and materials for the courses and cultural events.

draw up the plan of professional training, artistic and physical therapy;

activate a help-desk to provide support to young people looking for work;

define the selection criteria, receiving subscriptions and select beneficiaries;

coordinate and supervise the execution of the development activities;

organize and implement the three cultural festivals provided by the Project;

promote the project and its activities.

ICAJ, partners in the project, will proceed to carry out the following activities:

Identify suppliers, purchase the equipment and materials for the courses that will be made in its structure;

help in defining the criteria for choosing beneficiaries;

receiving subscriptions and select the recipients of the courses that will be made in its structure;

coordinate the implementation of activities that will be realized in its structure;

to support the organization of cultural festivals.

The Parish Centre St. Francis of Assisi will proceed to carry out the following activities:

it guarantees the availability of the premises where the equipment will be Installed;

raise awareness of the local community on the activities and objectives of the Project;

will participate actively in planning, execution and evaluation of all activities.

The Municipality of Salvador:

will guarantee the sustainability of the structure, through the signing of a cooperation agreement with the Parish Centre St. Francis of Assisi;

involve schools in the selection of trainees;

it ensures security in the center and courses with specialized human resources;

it will contribute in the dissemination and promotion of activity and objectives of the Project.

Project tchau thanked Councilman Carballal for the commitment in the joint collaboration between the Project and the City of Salvador and Bruno Reis, Municipal Councillor for Social Promotion, Sports and Fight against Poverty, for embracing the proposal and made commitments in the name of the City.


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Project Management

President’s Cabinet and Institutional Affair
Territorial and International Development Cooperation Office

ing. Mariolga Mogavero

Project Manager and Coordinator:
avv. Mario Ialenti

Project Manager Administrator:
dr. Adolfo Fabrizio Colagiovanni


The project TCHAU of Regione Molise takes place in Brazil and has as its ultimate goal the creation of a multi-purpose center in the city of Salvador de Bahia to promote educational and training activities aimed at providing employment for young people in disadvantaged situations in the context of cooperation activities development and network of international activity.

The recreational facility will be devoted to vocational training and the promotion of youth employment through the organization of Italian language courses, cooking classes and pizza maker, physiotherapy activities, preparation and realization of cultural festivals.


Partners of Regione Molise are the Instituição Cristã de Amparo ao Jovem (ICAJ) and the Fundação Dom Avelar Brandão Vilela (FDA).