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The Christian institution of support for young people (INSTITUICAO Cristã de Amparo ao Jovem - ICAJ) is a no-profit organization made up from 1989, which deals with the institutional reception of preteens and teenagers, orphaned or unable to live in their family. The boys are assigned to the institution by a court in childhood and youth, by the Public Prosecutor of the State or by the Board for the Protection of Children of Salvador and remain in foster care until they improve the family conditions or values are assigned by the court a foster family. When these two options are not possible, we work to build a life plan independent of the family, which will be achieved only with age. Throughout the period of reception all rights provided by law are guaranteed to children, as well as those that are part of the proposed host institution. All boys study in public schools and if they can get study grants continue their education in private institutions. Depending on the age and school attendance, the children are placed in vocational training courses, through the "Programa Teenager Aprendiz" (Young Apprentice Program) or sent to work. The institution has a professional team composed of a coordinator, educators, chefs, support staff, psychologists and social workers; it also has professionals who work voluntarily for the operation of the board and offer the kids a tutoring aimed at the completion of the school, organize events, conduct of sports and recreational activities, looking for partnerships and specific medical care.


Experience in cooperation projects and partnerships

ICAJ has already participated in cooperation projects in the state of Bahia, in collaboration with AiBi Brazil for the implementation of activities of an educational nature, theater classes and introduction to the music of socially vulnerable teenagers living near the facility. ICAJ follows educational methods as close to that family always promoting compliance with the respective institutional, in order to encourage and facilitate the integration later. The institution works hard in order to make feel users as welcomed, the protagonist of a unique life project that fits the abilities and desires of individuals.



Project Management

President’s Cabinet and Institutional Affair
Territorial and International Development Cooperation Office

ing. Mariolga Mogavero

Project Manager and Coordinator:
avv. Mario Ialenti

Project Manager Administrator:
dr. Adolfo Fabrizio Colagiovanni


The project TCHAU of Regione Molise takes place in Brazil and has as its ultimate goal the creation of a multi-purpose center in the city of Salvador de Bahia to promote educational and training activities aimed at providing employment for young people in disadvantaged situations in the context of cooperation activities development and network of international activity.

The recreational facility will be devoted to vocational training and the promotion of youth employment through the organization of Italian language courses, cooking classes and pizza maker, physiotherapy activities, preparation and realization of cultural festivals.


Partners of Regione Molise are the Instituição Cristã de Amparo ao Jovem (ICAJ) and the Fundação Dom Avelar Brandão Vilela (FDA).