TCHAU - Trabalhar, Cooperação, Humanidade, Amor, União




The Molise Region is a public body and its administrative organization is divided into different departments, which carry out activities and pursue specific goals. This system enables efficient governance aimed at the development of economy, infrastructure, employment, the protection of historical and cultural heritage, to support local investment and research.

The staff of the Office of the President, with more than 20 employees, working on programs of European Territorial Cooperation and European funding. The President's Office is also responsible for international relations. The working group has the knowledge, ability and skills to prepare project proposal dealing with more programs and to successfully manage the projects financed.


Experience in cooperation projects and partnerships

The Molise Region has a long history of participation in cooperative projects at regional, national and European level thanks to the multidisciplinary knowledge of the administrative staff. The region is involved in several projects financed with EU funds, as coordinator of the project, as coordinator of the shares and as a partner of the project.


Project Management

President’s Cabinet and Institutional Affair
Territorial and International Development Cooperation Office

ing. Mariolga Mogavero

Project Manager and Coordinator:
avv. Mario Ialenti

Project Manager Administrator:
dr. Adolfo Fabrizio Colagiovanni


The project TCHAU of Regione Molise takes place in Brazil and has as its ultimate goal the creation of a multi-purpose center in the city of Salvador de Bahia to promote educational and training activities aimed at providing employment for young people in disadvantaged situations in the context of cooperation activities development and network of international activity.

The recreational facility will be devoted to vocational training and the promotion of youth employment through the organization of Italian language courses, cooking classes and pizza maker, physiotherapy activities, preparation and realization of cultural festivals.


Partners of Regione Molise are the Instituição Cristã de Amparo ao Jovem (ICAJ) and the Fundação Dom Avelar Brandão Vilela (FDA).